Subscription Program Terms & Conditions

If you are using our trial offer to place an order online as part of our SUBSCRIPTION program, you will receive your Enrich Nutrition CBD sample and be charged a one-time fee depending upon which product you select for your trial. You are not obligated to make any future purchases as long as you cancel our SUBSCRIPTION program within 15 days of placing your order. If you do not cancel within 15 days, you will be enrolled in our SUBSCRIPTION Program. Your SUBSCRIPTION will remain in effect until it is cancelled by you. Roughly 15 days after you place your order, you will automatically receive a fresh 30-day supply of your Enrich Nutrition CBD product that you choose when signing up. At that time, you will be sent an invoice, and charged the full price for that product and any taxes if applicable. As part of our SUBSCRIPTION program you will automatically receive your 30 day supply of your CBD product, every 30 days for as long as you remain subscribed to our SUBSCRIPTION program. To cancel future shipments in the trial SUBSCRIPTION program, you must email at least 3 days prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships. In order to remain enrolled in our SUBSCRIPTION program, you must allow the card on file to be saved with our merchant processor, and to be billed automatically. Failure to do this will result in any necessary means to obtain payment as legally allowed.


Your membership in the SUBSCRIPTION Program will remain in effect until you cancel by following the cancellation instructions below. THE CREDIT CARD WE HAVE ON FILE THAT YOU USED FOR YOUR INITIAL TRIAL PURCHASE, OR OTHER PAYMENT METHOD USED AT THE TIME OF YOUR INITIAL TRIAL PURCHASE, WILL BE PROCESSED AUTOMATICALLY AND THE CREDIT CARD OR OTHER PAYMENT METHOD USED AT THE TIME OF YOUR INITIAL TRIAL PURCHASE, WILL BE CHARGED EACH TIME WE SHIP YOU YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PRODUCT. To cancel future shipments in the trial SUBSCRIPTION program, you must email at least 3 days prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships. at least 3 days prior to the date that your next monthly delivery ships.

By proceeding with this trial, you accept and agree that Enrich Nutrition and CBD will not seek further authorization from you for any future payments processed in conjunction with this SUBSCRIPTION Program. You will be charged the full amount for the product you choose at the time of your initial trial purchase. Furthermore, you will/do not hold Enrich Nutrition and CBD responsible for any overdraft charges or costs incurred during the length of the SUBSCRIPTION Program.

Enrich Nutrition and CBD holds the right to terminate your SUBSCRIPTION at any time without any further notice. We require complete, current, and accurate information for billing of this SUBSCRIPTION Program. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue this SUBSCRIPTION Program at any time without notice to you. You are responsible to ensure the information you provided to us is not only correct, but if any changes are to be made, they must be done so promptly to keep your billing account current and accurate. You must contact us IMMEDIATELY if your credit card is no longer valid, has changed (such as expiration date), or has been cancelled (loss or theft). Changes to such information can be made by emailing our customer service representative at

By entering our trial SUBSCRIPTION Program, you agree to all terms and conditions of the trial SUBSCRIPTION Program, including any limitations set within. This trial is limited to one per household. Any households found to have exceeded the trial limit of (1) will be billed for the full cost of the trial product chosen using the billing method you provided. Our trial products are not for resale, and unauthorized resale is strictly forbidden. Any person or entity found to have misused or manipulated our trial for resale purposes will have committed fraud, and be liable of the consequences.

Return Policy for trial and SUBSCRIPTION Program Deliveries

You must first contact us within the 15 day period to cancel your trial. If you have proceeded with the SUBSCRIPTION Program and wish to cancel, you must contact us at least 10 days before your next shipment will ship. Otherwise our team will already be processing your next order. When you are cancelling your SUBSCRIPTION Program, you do NOT have to return the unused portion of your CBD product. If you are cancelling your TRIAL, you must return your unused portion of the CBD product. You must receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Enrich Nutrition and CBD. Be sure to clearly write the return merchandise authorization (RMA) number on the outside of the package. Our shipping department is NOT allowed to accept any packages without an RMA number. You must pay for return shipping.

When returning a package to us, we recommend that you get proof of shipment. Upon receipt of your trial product, following all the guidelines set here above, your trial will be cancelled, and no further charges will be incurred. You must receive your RMA number within the 15 day deadline, and we must receive the product back within 7 days, otherwise your SUBSCRIPTION Program will not be cancelled.

After you receive your RMA number, we will also provide you a link via email, with a survey that must be filled out. Once that survey is filled out and submitted, that completes the cancellation of the trial process. So long as Enrich Nutrition and CBD receives the unused portion of your trial product within the 7 day deadline, no further charges will be incurred.