Why Use CBD Oil

Enrich Nutrition and CBD offers total transparency of our products. On our labels, all ingredients are listed, even if they don’t need to be listed, they are still listed. We have lab results to guarantee our products. We have a 15-18 times greater absorption rate than other CBD products because of our Nano-Technology. The liver will not process our CBD products because of this, which allows our CBD products to last in your system for a full 24 hours. This allows the product to work to its fullest potential and give you the best results available on the market PERIOD.


A. Timeline / Process

     a. Seed, Plant, Harvest

i. Location

   1. ENRICH CBD and hemp products are 100% domestic and begin the journey to the finalized CBD / hemp products in Kentucky where the hemp is grown and                            sourced. Why Kentucky? Kentucky was the greatest producer of hemp in the United States during the 19th and 20th centuries, when it was the source of three                    fourths of U.S. hemp fiber. Federal law under the Agricultural Act of 2014 allowed research back into hemp. Kentucky began production again with 33 acres in 2014.          In the 2016 harvest season, only two U.S. states other than Kentucky had over 100 acres (40 hectare) in hemp production: Colorado and Tennessee. The first 500-              acre commercial crop was planted in Harrison County in 2017, and research permits were issued for over 12,000 acres (4,900 hectare) that year. Currently                             Kentucky is considered one of the Gold Standards in American agriculture for Hemp plant and seed sourcing.

ii. Why did we choose our hemp?

    1. Domestic industrial hemp must be certified and registered in the state in which its grown. This upholds growers to the highest standards in the current market and              are considered the strictest nationwide. The level of standards regarding industrial hemp cultivation in the US, has led to hemp-derived CBD products containing                the highest potency levels of this extremely beneficial cannabinoid.

          b. Extraction

                  i. Location

 1. After the hemp crop is harvested, it is shipped in its entirety to Colorado where it begins the extraction process.

ii. Method

      1. The extraction process starts with a CO2 extraction method. The CO2 method uses carbon dioxide under high pressure and extremely low temperatures to                             isolate, preserve, and maintain the purity of the CBD. Ethanol and C02 extraction are the two most commonly used methods for extracting CBD, because they are               two of the cleanest ways to extract CBD for human consumption. We use the CO2 extraction method because it is ideal for smaller batch extraction. We focus on               smaller batches to maintain quality control and the highest product integrity. The CO2 Extraction involves filtering plants through a series of chambers that                            control temperature and pressure. This process is where most companies end their extraction process. Our raw material then goes through 3 more patented                          proprietary processes of extraction to ensure the purest, most effective CBD on the market.

iii. Differentiators

      1. Small Batch.

      2. Patented Proprietary Process To ensure the purest, technologically, and monitored process of CBD on the current market.

iv. Purpose

      1. To create, ensure, and monitor entire process to maintain unmatched CBD integrity and quality.

v. The Patented NanoShell

       1. What is it?

               a. ENRICH CBD is then sent through a Nano micro emulsion process. This process is where the patented NanoShell is created. This NanoShell has been                                            scientifically demonstrated to absorb into the bloodstream more quickly and stay in the bloodstream for longer than regular hemp. ENRICHs’ entrance into                            the bloodstream can happen in as fast as 7min and is typically fully absorbed in around 30 minutes. It remains in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours at a time.                         Whereas normal CBD typically doesn’t fully enter the bloodstream for 2 hours and only stays in your bloodstream for around 12 hours. Because of its superior                       absorption, a much smaller dose can yield more effective results, making our Hemp Extract a healthier and more economical choice.




4. Why / Purpose

    a. To Protect the CBD Molecule from Outside degradation

        i. Stomach Acid

        ii. Stomach Acid Degrades an unprotected cbd molecule which will drastically degenerate the absorption rate.

        iii. External Heat

   1. Vaping

   2. Vaping occurs at 185+ degrees

   3. Unprotected CBD molecules are degraded and rendered useless above 180 degrees

   4. ENRICH CBD is protected until Boiling Point (212 degrees)

        iv. Baking

   1. Most all food cooking / baking techniques occur well above 180 degrees to kill food born illness and make             safe for human consumption.

   2. Unprotected CBD molecules are degraded and rendered useless above 180 degrees

   3. ENRICH CBD is protected until Boiling Point (212 degrees)

        v. Brewing

         1. Coffee

              a. Ideal Brewing Temperature is 195 – 205 degrees

         2. Tea

             a. Ideal brewing temperature and steeping temperature is 190- 200 degrees

                  * ENRICH CBD is protected until Boiling Point (212 degrees)

                  * Unprotected CBD molecules are degraded and rendered useless above 180 degrees

 vi. Differentiators

    1. CBD Molecule Size

        a. Normal CBD molecule size is around 600nm and the closest Nano technology product to this is 50nm

        b. ENRICH CBD is 10-20nm

          i. Because of the large size of normal cbd the typical loss of active ingredient is around 90%

          ii. Because of the size of ENRICH CBD our potency/absorption rate is effectively proven to be up to 20x better than normal cbd. 10mg of ENRICH CBD >                                         150-200mg of Normal CBD

        c. Manufacturing

          i. Differentiators

   1. All finalized Product is third party tested for product quality/integrity, to maintain our promise and                         company policy of 0.000000% THC, absence of contamination and heavy metals, etc.


        a. This maintains the HIGEST standards of production provided in the current market.

Product Recap:

– ENRICH Product Focus

       o Anti-Aging

       o Pain Relief

       o Accelerated Healing

       o Workout Recovery

       o Anti-Anxiety

       o Weight Loss

       o Sleep

       o Diabetes

       o Inflammation

ENRICH CBD Differentiators / Talking Points

   – Fully Documented and Proven to be 15x sometimes 20x more potent than Regular CBD through a 13 World          patented micro emulsion extraction process that creates our patented nanotech delivery method                              encapsulating the 10-20nm cbd molecule in a patented protecting NanoShell.

  – Simply put 10mg of ENRICH > 150mg of Regular CBD (or more)

  – “Regular” CBD gets around 8% of active ingredient into your bloodstream and takes up to 2 hours to be                    absorbed only remaining in the bloodstream for 12 hours. ENRICH is in your bloodstream within 30m or              less, shown to be absorbed in some patients within 7min, with COMPLETE Bioavailability, remaining in                your  bloodstream for up to 24 hours. Twice as long as “regular” cbd.

  – ENRICH CBD is 100% Water Soluble. Meaning you can add to food drink without degrading the active                   ingredient during the digestive process. Actually, accelerating the absorption process through the stomach             lining and top of the small intestine. Regular CBD is degraded in the stomach which is why you only receive           around 8%.

  – CBD products that do not using a micro emulsion extraction process with a nanotech delivery system will not       fully absorb through the skin. Therefore, current topical creams/salves/serums/oils will remain on the                   surface of the skin. Providing little to none of the described/advertised healing benefits or effect. ENRICH             CBD is fully absorbed through all 7 layers of the skin and delivered via our custom blend of proprietary all-           natural oils shown to stimulate collagen synthesis, accelerate healing times, fade scars, reduce inflammation,       and flood the affected area with growth factors.

  – Even the best CBD molecules on the market are anywhere from 25-50 nm in size. Ours are as small as 10nm         providing the most efficient and effective absorption rates.

  – Regular CBD molecules are completely destroyed at 180 degrees, vaping, baking, coffee, etc. all occur above           185 degrees which means the brands providing those products are actively providing products they know               literally do not work and the user experiences ZERO CBD benefit, that’s a fact.

  – ENRICH cbd and hemp products, because of the protective patented Nano shell, are protected up to 212                 degrees, making them effective in vaping, baking, coffee products, etc.

  – Completely THC free and 50 state legal with international shipping available

  – Documentation/Research Material to substantiate ALL claims

Third Party tested exceeding the HIGHEST STANDARDS ON PLANET EARTH

This product was originally formulated almost 10 years ago specifically designed for use in big pharma. It is the most researched and clinically proven CBD on planet earth. There is more information and research surrounding this material than any other in this space to date. There is no one that even holds a candle, at least for now. All products can be traced back to the seed. In a few months if you cannot trace back to seed you will not be able to make any medical claims.